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Do women from usa like rice? Freshman New askleader35 3 day(s) ago 016 askleader35 3 day(s) ago
Fixed marriage? No way! Freshman New alexagirl 3 day(s) ago 015 alexagirl 3 day(s) ago
I want to back out from my relationship. Freshman New lonelybf_123 4 day(s) ago 012 lonelybf_123 4 day(s) ago
Should I mind about our height difference? Freshman New tallman2018 7 day(s) ago 028 tallman2018 7 day(s) ago
How can i describe women from usa? Freshman womeninusa 2018-5-17 023 womeninusa 2018-5-17 20:53
Should I work abroad or not? insearch35 2018-5-17 023 insearch35 2018-5-17 00:53
Do international dating blogs work? Freshman insearch35 2018-5-16 016 insearch35 2018-5-16 22:16
I think my husband is a narcissist. Freshman sonia27 2018-5-16 021 sonia27 2018-5-16 00:42
Wife wants me to pay for cousin's school fees. Freshman mrace40 2018-5-15 025 mrace40 2018-5-15 23:39
Decided to adopt an orphan Freshman joeallen83 2018-5-15 023 joeallen83 2018-5-15 01:22
I just found out my dad has another family Freshman abigail94 2018-5-15 022 abigail94 2018-5-15 00:22
Do you believe in second chances? Freshman missyoubadly 2018-5-11 038 missyoubadly 2018-5-11 00:00
I still have my supposed to be anniversary gift Freshman excitedbf30 2018-5-10 032 excitedbf30 2018-5-10 19:56
How do I make sure he's not cheating on me? Freshman doubtgf25 2018-5-10 037 doubtgf25 2018-5-10 00:23
My new classmate is so damn hot! Freshman emmaward23 2018-5-9 044 emmaward23 2018-5-9 00:55
Choosing love over other people's criticisms Freshman chrisscott55 2018-5-8 037 chrisscott55 2018-5-8 00:16
My parents are always fighting Freshman stressson20 2018-5-1 055 stressson20 2018-5-1 01:18
I have social anxiety and I’m speaking in an event. Help! Freshman mrindoubt35 2018-4-30 044 mrindoubt35 2018-4-30 20:02
Said I love you but I lied Freshman lierman86 2018-4-27 064 lierman86 2018-4-27 00:00
My husband is he cheating on me... Freshman worriedwife27 2018-4-26 064 worriedwife27 2018-4-26 00:01
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